Mission Statement

P.O. Box 210505, Chula Vista, CA 91921 / Rescue@CrossingGuardians.org / EIN #47-5311420

Crossing Guardians is a nonprofit animal rescue and charitable organization whose purpose is to save and improve the lives of abused, neglected and homeless animals suffering and struggling to survive along the California-Mexico border.

Specifically, Crossing Guardians provides assistance with rescuing,
vetting, transporting, fostering and placing homeless animals

who roam aimlessly along the United States-Mexico border (“Border
Strays”), with an emphasis on the greater Tijuana area.

The plight of Border Strays – abuse, neglect, homelessness,
starvation, injury, illness and disease, loneliness and despair –
does not exist in a vacuum. It is brought about by the underlying
impoverished conditions and culture of the community.

It is a viciously cruel cycle.

Reducing pet over-population is a significant component in
improving the health and welfare of animals in this region.

As such, Crossing Guardians encourages rescue and supports spay/neuter programs.

We believe our efforts to help Border Strays will exemplify kindness

and compassion, which also does not exist in a vacuum. We can

show there is hope for the weakest; help for the most at risk.

Bearing witness to mercy can change hearts and open eyes to

the possibility of making a difference for the betterment of animal-kind.

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